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SalesPlus provides a digital sales plan for your sales staff.  It enables them to work with customers on tablets or PCs an contains complete produce information.  SalesPlus includes all of the features in DataTags Plus and also...

Access On-the-Go

  • Your Sales Team can quickly access complete product information on the sales floor using a tablet


  • Add your own models to the system
  • Easily import pricing from an excel spreadsheet or .csv file
  • Create custom spec sheets with your company information
  • Create and email quote sheets

Compare Prices

  • Easy access to pricing from big box retailers at your fingertips
  • Price comparisons are updated twice a day to stay on top of price changes

Featured Product

Regular Price $65/month

only $49/month

for Nationwide Marketing Group Members

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with Site On Time

Work with one of the best website companies in the business. They have unparalleled customer service and make the process incredibly simple. From quick and easy to custom they have a website that will work for your business.

Website Made For You

  • Customized or Pre-designed and scaled to fit your needs
  • Integration with Nationwide Member Services
  • Mobile optimized responsive design

Your Monthly Support

  • Use CMICData Website Data that includes monthly updates
  • Rotating banner ads
  • Up to date Group and National Promotions
  • Create and email quote sheets

Robust Admin Area

  • Easy to use Content Management System for User Made Changes
  • Pricing Import Option
  • Set Products to Live or Hidden
  • Add Custom Pages for Special Events

Monthly Maintenance Fee Starting At

only $150/month

for Nationwide Marketing Group Members

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We make printing tags simple, so you have more time to make sales. Give yourself the advantage of professional looking price tags on your Appliance and Electronics products.

3 Easy Steps To Use

  • Select your models
  • Edit your pricing
  • Print your tags

Keep Up to Date

  • MAPs and MSRPs of most Nationwide brands are kept current
  • Create a Line Up to find the most important models
  • Schedule of  Nationwide and National  promotions
  • Create reminders of starting and ending promotions
  • Easy to print reports with all of your pricing and competitor pricing (with subscription of Sales Plus)


  • Use Company Logo, Promotional Graphics, Energy Star, and Product Logos on the price tags
  • Descriptions, Product features, Warranty, Dimensions, QR Codes ready for you to use
  • Create Custom Messaging, Add Group and Manufacturer's Promotions, and Store Multiple Graphics for use on your Price Tags

Regular Price $39/month

only $29/month

for Nationwide Marketing Group Members

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THE TIME IS NOW for Digital Price Tags! We have a strategic partnership with SES Imagotag to offer you the best in class Digital Price Tags for an affordable cost. Change your prices almost as fast as the prices change. 

Save Your Time For Selling

  • Import your pricing
  • Compare and adjust it to your competition
  • Push it out to your tags with a click of a button
  • Going digital means no more printing and swapping paper tags

Make More Money

  • Prevent losing money to outdated tags
  • Improve margins by not underpricing the product in your market
  • Save money on paper, tag holders, ink, and manpower costs 

Cost Effective Rental Program

  • Renting tags means it's easy to replace and upgrade your equipment
  • Choose from 3 sizes - 2.6", 4.2", and 6"
  • Best in class tags that have a 5-8 year battery life
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